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Special thanks to all of the photographers, videographers and visual artists that have shared their images, videos and visual art for me to showcase on my website.

Understanding those uncommon ‘Wedding Words’

Have you ever been a part of a conversation with someone you admire/really want to impress or someone you’ve just met and had them ask you if you know something and you’ve said ‘yes’ just so they don’t feel embarrassed or so you come across somewhat more relatable to them? I thought so, it happens […]

5 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

Whenever you hear the term ‘wedding planner’, how many of you immediately think of Jennifer Lopez? You know, in the film where she runs off with the Groom? Reality check, that’s actually not what we do! The term wedding planner can still be thought of as quite an American expression/occupation but in today’s blog I […]

How did modelling help me, a planner, help real Brides – to – Be ?

Has modelling helped me to become the planner I am today? Absolutely. Why dress up as a model when you’re a wedding & events planner, you may ask? I mean, isn’t it every girl’s dream to dress up like a princess and have their hair and make up done? It is mine, and as a […]

Incorporating Your Pet into Your Wedding Day

February is the month where we have found ourselves surrounded by people showing their affections for one another, be it for their significant other, or their gal pals for Valentines Day last week, BUT in February there is also a day devoted to showing the love we have for our pets… You guessed it, it’s […]

When To Host An Event : The Seasons Explained

Think of 2021 like a blank canvas; although the Covid-19 virus isn’t going anywhere soon, by looking at the seasons of 2021 like a blank canvas, you stand yourselves in good stead for weighing up the pros and cons of planning an event right from the very start.

Being A Bridesmaid

Is it not everyone’s dream to have a role in a Bridal Party? Whether that’s Best Man, Usher, Maid of Honour, or Bridesmaid, (perhaps not for all of you but definitely for me) my dream came true, and that’s what prompted me take the leap of faith & go get my goal to become a successful wedding & event planner.