Being A Bridesmaid


Is it not everyone’s dream to have a role in a Bridal Party? Whether that’s Best Man, Usher, Maid of Honour, or Bridesmaid, (perhaps not for all of you but definitely for me) my dream came true, and that’s what prompted me take the leap of faith & go get my goal to become a successful wedding & event planner.

I celebrated the occasion of being chosen to be a part of the Bridal party with 3 other ladies munching on a sophisticated afternoon tea at Maison Talbooth: confetti balloons; photo props; tea dresses, the lot!

Still to this day I look back on those photos and smile, remembering how good it felt to be creating memories on the lead up to a very special day.

Need an excuse to go shopping? Take your Bridal Party with you to find shoes. A person can never have too many shoes. We must have tried on about 3 different pairs each and visited at least 15 shops…only for me to go home and order them online. BUT, TOP TIP: unless you try shoes on together, you don’t know how tall you’re going to be in comparison to the rest of the Bridal Party. See, not such a bad idea after all!


Then it came to the gifts, and it seems wrong when a couple give YOU something when it’s THEIR wedding day. However, wearing something that they have chosen for you on the day that matters most is quite a feeling. Me and the girls wore a pearl necklace with matching earrings; writing this now makes me want to go to my jewellery box and put them on.

Just when you didn’t think you could be anymore excited, the wedding date itself rolls around. All the special moments captured throughout the day; for us, this started with the first glance of the Bride-to-Be in her wedding dress; matching pyjamas partnered with early morning bubbles, and footage of all hair & make up preparations. Looking back on these images now, I feel the same excitement that I did on the day 3 years ago.


Written in celebration of Charlene & Dave.

Photographer – Kerrie Mitchell