When To Host An Event : The Seasons Explained

Think of 2021 like a blank canvas; although the Covid-19 virus isn’t going anywhere soon, by looking at the seasons of 2021 like a blank canvas, you stand yourselves in good stead for weighing up the pros and cons of planning an event right from the very start.

When is the ‘best’ time of your to host your event?

It’s two weeks since Christmas and although I’m still eating like it’s Christmas, it’s not, and we’ve entered a new year full of new opportunities

(I know it doesn’t quite feel this way at the moment but hear me out!)

Think of 2021 like a blank canvas; although the Covid-19 virus isn’t going anywhere soon, by looking at the seasons of 2021 like a blank canvas, you stand yourselves in good stead for weighing up the pros and cons of planning an event right from the very start.

In this blog, (my first of 2021!) I wanted to share some ideas on things to bear in mind when planning an event; be it a wedding or a party, there are various elements to consider when hosting an occasion at certain times of the year – whether that’s this year or next!


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The first season we come across in March is Spring, and we can expect some sunny days but in the ratio of sun:rain, rain often wins.

With that in mind, it may be worth considering a venue with an inside option where you can get married/host an event in the dry. If they have an outside option, that’s a bonus if you get a sunny day – my advice to you, be aware that the venue will need to know sooner rather than later what your decision will be: inside or outside, and depending on the amount of guests you have, that’s a lot of chairs to move and logistics to work out.

Plus, you don’t want to have to worry about making a crucial decision on the morning of your special occasion, I’m sure you have lots more to be worrying about like who’s bringing the Prosecco for breakfast. Am I right?

Another thing to consider is your choice of flowers, if you opt for them. Florists around the world have mastered getting the popular flowers in peak seasons (and lots of them) but it’s worth researching or talking to your florist in terms of what flowers you dream of having, and what is seasonally realistic, they are the professionals after all. As an example, daffodils and tulips traditionally bloom in the Spring months so you’re safe if you were hoping to incorporate these for in the designs for your jaw-dropping centrepieces or bouquets.


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The next season that approaches us from June onwards, is Summer! The Summer months fall in ‘peak’ times for wedding season in particular, and there are many pros to hosting your event in the shining sun, but it’s also worth noting the cons too.

When I say ‘cons’ – I like to think of these elements as things to consider, they are not necessarily a bad thing, and if they were, most can be avoided anyway; there’s a reason why our peak season in the wedding industry falls in this season after all, and I thought I’d better bullet point these for ease:


  • The opportunity for an outside ceremony or a barbecue
  •  No need to worry about you or your guests being cold
  • Opens up opportunities for summery arrival drinks e.g. pimms
  • Rain and heavy gales are less likely – but that can’t be promised!
  • Perfect occasion to have garden game hire – a fun way to entertain guests while waiting for your wedding breakfast or corporate meal
  • Anyone working within the education sector have 6 weeks off which gives you a higher chance of a good turn out and means any children invitees are able to come too (or not, if your chosen celebrations are for over 18’s only!)


  • Bug season! Deter your guests from wearing yellow if at all possible, or have purse-size bug repellent to hand
  • Squinting in pictures, but photographer’s know their angles
  • People go away in the summer so you need to be organised in sending out invitations to ensure maximum turnout
  • Worry of sunburn & other health risks that come with a hot day
  • Not wanting to eat a full 3-course carb-heavy dinner when it’s super warm outside, the weather can impact your menu choices
  • Worry about being too hot in your chosen attire, ladies & gents, and finding innovative ways to provide fans to your guests; if not, potential additional costs incurred from external hire to consider.


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After Summer, along comes Autumn (my favourite time of the year, I must say!)

This season comes bearing good news for Pantone’s two colours of the year 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, both of which can be argued to fit the criteria for an autumnal wedding.

Autumn offers the opportunity to incorporate the bright orange from the pumpkins of October’s Halloween, all the way to rich browns and hessian table cloths. There are ways in which you can add some personality to the decor on your day, from the place names to favours and even the drink choices but (and I may be biased) autumn lends itself a little more. For example, you can collect pine cones on the lead up to the event to incorporate as place name holders, or large maple leaves to have your guest names hand drawn in calligraphy to add that personal touch.


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Then, last but by no means least, it’s Winter, where again, a dry day is not guaranteed but the opportunity for Brides to wear a bolero and couples to incorporate Christmas colours, smells and traditions into their styling arises.

We live in Britain so it goes without saying there is a potential of snow which also holds pros and cons of it’s own:


  • What beats the magic of a white Christmas
  • Perfect opportunity to enjoy a roast dinner for your banquet


  • The risk of yourself and your guests being cold
  • The risk of yourself and your guests being delayed by traffic

Winter weddings also allow for you to go to town to make your event as Pinterest-worthy as possible, as cold nights call for hot chocolate, blankets, marshmallows and sparklers, and the chance to wow your guests with a display of awesome fireworks (always ask your venue first).

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Every event is different, as it should be, and whether you choose to host your event in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, it will be great.

I wrote this in the hope to inspire and guide you when at the very beginning of the planning process and for those who are a little further down the line, some of these tips may still be worth considering. Good luck, and if you need any assistance in planning your special occasion, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at

Happy Planning!

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